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We create strategies and offers practical solutions that help business harness their human capital to drive business growth.

Human Capital is at the core of every business. It is a vital factor that determines the success of every business. That is why discerning companies outsource various aspects of HR assignments to professionals like TTS Consulting.

Accessing a talent pool to recruit qualified candidates is just the first step to creating a successful HR strategy. Companies must take strategic steps to manages their human resources efficiently to derive the best results. That is where we come in.


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We provide flexible capacity training programs through workshops and seminars to hone your staff’s skills and increase productivity.

Do you have an urgent need to fill a vacant position in your organization or need a reliable strategy to attract and retain top talents? TTS Consulting’s talent acquisition service provides a reliable solution for immediate and long-term recruitment needs.

After recruiting qualified candidates, you need to optimize your workplace to enhance productivity and ensure compliance with the ever-changing employment laws.  We help you with HR policies and workplace best practices to maximize productivity.

Another essential HR responsibility is continuous training of the staff to deliver their best service to a business. We provide flexible capacity training programs through workshops and seminars to hone your staff’s skills and increase productivity.

While it is essential to motivate your staff with attractive remuneration packages, a business must also manage your escalating costs. We help you find a middle ground between adequate compensation and effective cost management.

TTS Consulting

Our HR Advisory

  • HR policies and SOPs 

HR policies and SOPs play an important role in your business. SOPs are policies, procedures and standards you need in the operations, marketing and administration. disciplines within your business to ensure success. TTS assists you in developing these.

  • Talent acquisition 

Talent acquisition is the process of attracting, finding and hiring skilled human labor for organizational needs in order to meet labor requirements. TTS assists you in performing efficient Talent acquisition for your company

  • HR assessments and systems strengthening 

HR Assessment Tool helps clients to develop strategies to improve the human resource management system and make it as effective as possible. System Strengthening also serve as a basis for focusing discussions, brainstorming, and strategic planning.

  • Training and capacity development 

Training and Capacity Building enables people, communities and organizations to strengthen their capabilities to develop, implement and maintain their respective services. TTS will assist companies in developing their training plan for their employees.

  • Compensation benchmarking 

Compensation benchmarking, also known as market pricing, is a systematic approach to collecting and evaluating data on salaries. It compares an organization’s employee pay rates with those of similar jobs in other companies.

  • Diversity and inclusion strategy 

Diversity and inclusion are a company’s mission, strategies, and practices to support a diverse workplace and leverage the effects of diversity to achieve a competitive business advantage. The top diversity and inclusion priority is recruitment of diverse employees. TTS assists you in developing these.

  • HR process outsourcing 

HR outsourcing (also known as HRO) is the process of sub-contracting human resources functions to an external supplier. Reviews of business processes have led many organizations to decide that it makes business sense to sub-contract some or all non-core activities to specialist providers. TTS will assist you for this service.


We adhere to the ethical business culture. The foundation of our company is honesty and integrity.


Our teams continuously work to open new frontiers in the delivery of innovative solutions to clients.


We maintain a reputation for excellence by delivering result-oriented services with measurable outcomes.

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